June 23
there was a time
there was a story
it looked like love
until it didn't


then you were gone
a world upheaved
a world we didn't know
a broken world

a pandemic passed
we thought we made it
in our own way
while your hole got deeper
until it broke

until she broke
until you broke her
which broke me

i was not the problem
i was not the cause
i was not the damage
i was part of it

the perfect love
has now been blurred


june 21

when summer comes
flashbacks come
of simpler days
and simpler times

june 16


been a while.
grown a while.
scared a while.

i do not live in the same world i was born into
and as it shifts
i managed to phone the birthday people
as though birthdays matter;
in such times ...

although getting to the next
is a trial and a time

the second half