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  • J u l y 2011 m E p My Quiet Space Shhhh....

        E l e c t r o n i c    pen ... the 2011  hottest summer edition ever ...

    i   n  d  e  x

    August is here     1

    6:45am : fraglie


    THE MOST BEGUILING EYES (Stephen Fearing) Clive Cregson
    You have the most beguiling eyes, that I have ever seen They can catch me up and spin me, and leave me in a dream
    Though the words you speak are truthful, you know, you hurt me when you say that the time you spend with me is but a small part of your day
    It seems that i'm the one that always comes a calling, and I'm asking you away from other friends but I'm waiting for the sounds of your step outside my door when the sun is setting low and the evening ends ...
    I have always thaught, that the picture's what you make it, and I've always believed that my actions were my own
    Tell me can you see, that to give without recieving is bound to leave my heart like a piece of molten stone
    Because it seems that I'm the one, that always comes a-calling, and I'm asking you away from other friends
    But Im waiting for the sounds of your step outside my door when the sun is setting low and the evening ends ...

    j u  l  y     31

    7:10am : made it to seven but still (0)

    a night of dancing with sharon
    poots, stay calm
    was more nice than i remembered
    and we were closer than ever
    as butterflies flap their wings
    and collisions occur
    and no collisions
    zeros and ones

    in choir, we sung:

    "sunshine filters through my window, falling from the sky
    time slips like a silent soldier, solftly passing by
    life goes on in busy circles, leaving me behind
    memories, like portraits, fill the attics of my mind
    teach me to die
    hold on to my hand
    i have so many questions
    things i don't understand
    teach me to die
    give all you can give
    if you'll teach me of dying
    i will teach you to live."

    j u  l  y     30

    6:41am : wow, made it to 6:08 today. 

    one email.

    signing out.

    what will august bring.

    ju  l  y     29

    5:38am : rules

    the last time i got up this early for this long and didn't mind was in 1995 during a whirlwind tour of Stockholm.
    pw, from lausanne, and i, laughed during early morning tours of the laboratories.
    the girl from quebec city was observant, had triplets, and we were a merry band for a time.

    how far will steely resolve get you? surely that must be the purpose, then, of it, to get you somewhere.
    or perhaps simply to not get you somewhere.
    poots, it's gotten you this far. wear it like a crown. you may need it later.

    cartwheels; bursting;
    dancing;     bursting;
    summer;    bursting;

    go back underground

    "Get Out The Map"

    The saddest sight my eyes can see is that big ball of orange sinking slyly down the trees
    Sitting in a broken circle while you rest upon my knee this perfect moment will soon be leaving me
    Suzanne calls from Boston the coffee's hot the corn is high
    And that same sun that warms your heart will suck the good earth dry
    With everything it's opposite enough to keep you crying or keep this old world spinning with a twinkle in its eye

    Get out the map get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down
    We'll leave the figuring to those we pass on our way out of town
    Don't drink the water there seems to be something ailing everyone
    I'm gonna clear my head
    I'm gonna drink that sun
    I'm gonna love you good and strong
    while our love is good and young

    Joni left for South Africa a few years ago and then
    Beth took a job all the way over on the West Coast
    And me I'm still trying to live half a life on the road
    I'm heavier by the year and heavier by the load.

    Why do we hurtle ourselves through every inch of time and space I must say around some corner
    I can sense a resting place
    With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face
    We'll amuse ourselves one day with these memories we'll trace

    Get out the map get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down
    We'll leave the figuring to those we pass on our way out of town
    Don't drink the water there seems to be something ailing everyone
    I'm gonna clear my head
    I'm gonna drink the sun
    I'm gonna love you good and strong while our love is good and young

    Emily saliers, Indigo girls


    j u  l  y     28

    612am : joing the party now

    the fridge is empty; poots cycles; body, mind and soul.
    all is fair;

    the softest summer legs;
    the softest summer sighs;
    nothing is between me and my calvin kleins

    still not payday.
    sip poots, sip.

    my favorite job list
    today, with christmas items!

    stories to tell, people to go, places to meet.
    was i ever able to picture growing old,

    j u  l  y     27

    605apm : hanging from chandeliers

    one needs to separate beauty; function; and form;
    they coexist; they rival; they fluctuate;

    search, scant words that make up a phrase;

    racing; racing mind; racing heart; racing park

    A case of you
    Joni Mitchell

    Just before our love got lost you said
    "i am as constant as a northern star"
    And I said, "constantly in the darkness
    Where’s that at?
    If you want me I’ll be in the bar"

    On the back of a cartoon coaster
    In the blue tv screen light
    I drew a map of canada
    Oh canada
    And your face sketched on it twice

    Oh you are in my blood like holy wine
    Oh and you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet
    Oh I could drink a case of you
    I could drink a case of you darling
    And I would still be on my feet
    Oh I’d still be on my feet

    Oh I am a lonely painter
    I live in a box of paints
    I’m frightened by the devil
    And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid
    I remember that time that you told me, you said
    "love is touching souls"
    Surely you touched mine

    "cause part of you pours out of me
    In these lines from time to time

    Oh you are in my blood like holy wine
    And you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet
    Oh I could drink a case of you
    I could drink a case of you darling
    Still I’d be on my feet
    And still be on my feet

    I met a woman
    She had a mouth like yours
    She knew your life
    She knew your devils and your deeds
    And she said
    Color "go to him, stay with him if you can
    Oh but be prepared to bleed"
    Oh but you are in my blood you’re my holy wine
    Oh and you taste so bitter, bitter and so sweet
    Oh I could drink a case of you darling
    Still I’d be on my feet
    I’d still be on my feet

    j u  l  y     26

    604apm : MY reset button is right here.

    another day, another morning, another second half of my life.
    one half the world runs; the other half writes.
    there's no denying poots' frame is lighter today
    achier, malnourished, and smaller.
    flying through the park in an attempt to cross to the other side
    makes for aching everything
    twist, poots,

    running like the wind - away, or towards
    pushing pushing pushing
    and sharing takes on a whole new meaning
    only the word; brings us closer

    can i write about love, unnoticed
    can i feign guilt, where there is none
    can i pray again, after all these years...


    j u  l  y     25

    7:14 pm

    through empty and meaningless;
    through infinity and beyond;
    blood, sweat and tears, pooches,
    are there really so few intelligent men on earth

    through julie lostracco's birthday;
    it must go on.
    i must go on.

    j u  l  y     24

    12:01 pm

    what timing for pauline to send all the divorcees to see me!
    it's like a moulin rouge version of my life;
    can juxtaposed words can convey the magical mystery tour here on the mEp;
    the backyard is peering in through the morning sun;
    spraying hoses though standing still
      everybody knows

    j u  l  y     23

    6:35 am

    what is fragile.

    "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Mother Theresa

    j u  l  y     22

    Boots Birthday ... Happy Birthday Boots.....
    6:52 am

    the hottest summer

    i guess i can picture just about anything
    sharing spice collections; replaced laughter;
    and where would we live ; if we could ;

    the rules are gone;
    composing from top to bottom
    and trying to make a whole thought whole
    has there ever been a harder veil to make
    there has not.

    dancing in the rain

    j u  l  y     21

    6:24 am


    arch your back, poots.
    fatigue is temporary;

    j u  l  y     19

    7:40 am


    j u  l  y     18

    7:09 am

    let the grunting one leave
    shoulders down poots,
    no matter how far you're spinning.

    watching july 18 here
    makes it last

    but when life flies,
    everywhere you turn
    someone wants you.

    j u  l  y     17

    6:57 am

    july is the fastest month; we try to hang onto each long, warm day, with our hearts
    as well as our hands.

    the early morning sunday ecosytem works...the hum of the airconditioner drowns out the gurgling of the fish filter;
    the talk heater turns on in return.

    sleeping well, and taking every little thought in it's turn, are the only two things that keep me grounded.
    java catalyzes the reaction.

    it's not everyday i have this luxury; words; clean kitchen; no piles of paper mobbing me from the left;
    and peaking thru the sheers, new brunswick clouds signlaing not inclement weather,
    but the stinking hot heat of a perfect mid-summer's day
    that starts with a quiet cup of joe and 22 degrees at 6:38 am
    and ends with a tired kid, a sweaty dad, a pooped mama,
    and one very, very, messy house.

    and thank God i have the wearwithal today; after a harry scarry 48 hours;
    to remember that for many years, the wonderful age in a child that i was waiting for,
    is finally here.

    j u  l  y     14

    6:58 am

    c'est la Bastille.
           good morning.

           plastic nails grow as nails grow

    sunshine follows poots all the way into the next big weekened
    summer, in the city
    has arrived
    bringing with it glories of time gone by

    as though twenty five years never happened
    poots searches, not for remnants of the past
    but for any connection to today...
    in moments with no time
    no reference points
    no limits

    and kites are flying, dangling, entangling
    as they are carried away by the current
    flailing, helpless,
    rations of bliss

    some things are hard to veil...
    and even PCI-DSS can't stop me now.

    Nowadays I hear your heart
    Beating when I can't understand
    And everywhere I go
    There's love at hand

    Nowadays I feel your arms
    Wrap around my dreams in the night
    And when I'm far away
    I'm embraced in light

    Used to be I felt so all alone
    Used to be I dealt with panic on my own

    But nowadays I see your face
    Peering through the eye of a storm
    It leads me to a place
    That's safe and warm

    Used to be I felt so all alone
    Used to be I dealt with devils on my own

    But nowadays I hear your song
    Ringing through my heart and soul
    And when I've had enough
    Your love takes hold

    I just throw my hands up
    And your love takes hold

    Ron Sexsmith

    j u  l  y     13

    6:18 am

    bleary eyed, but not totally disastrous, poots is up at 6:18 am

    it appears, through the sheers, to be an even more spectacular morning than even yesterday.

    anne's linden tree, the trunk that is, just where the branches separate, is projected, larger than life, onto the neighbours brick wall, by the morning sun rising crisply over the park.

    no matter how hard i try;
    all i see around me is beautiful
    all my aching body feels is wonder
    there's more not to say than to say

    and as i glance again at the linden's shadow;
    all i see is a mess of tiny branch outlines, some moving, delicately,
    some arms open greeting the day
    and it dawns on me

    j u  l  y     12

    6:42 am

    how to string together the days of summer
    and hang them on a tree
    these days particularly are hot;
    hot with fire;
    in my belly, i was once told.

    how to arrange one's thoughts mindfully;
    from the bigger to the smaller,
    and all the ones in between.
    i have the luxury to do this now
    as i always have
    the only true freedom to behold;
    the only real playground
    of a tormented mind

    cliches ringing truly though painfully
    in a life going nowhere and everywhere at the same time
    all directions are possible; available;

    elusive english diction
    to be avoided at all costs.

    that is all there is.

    j u  l  y     10

    7:52 am

    a free rock concert
    from our bedroom!
    greeted us through the lovliest summer day
    and aching, aching, poots sings

    Whistling over trestles
    And past the graveyard sign
    We cast our wayward line
    Inside a wishing well
    We've just a wish and an empty vessel
    A hole to fill with days
    On a road where children stray
    Then pray there is no hell
    And as for heaven, well

    If seeing
    If seeing is believing
    I'll believe it
    Believe it when I see it
    I'll believe it when I see it
    With my own two eyes

    This ain't no random shuffle
    There's reason in these rhymes
    A season and a time
    In a climate of fear and blood
    In the tavern two men did scuffle
    Their drunken battle moaned
    They groaned like cattle groan
    No diamonds here in the rough
    And as for peace and love

    If seeing
    If seeing is believing
    I'll believe it
    Believe it when I see it
    I'll believe it when I see it
    With my own two eyes

    And when faced with a difficult decision
    Would you listen to your heart or mind
    We're bound to waste all our free will and ambition
    If we got no vision and we got no spine
    And as for peace of mind

    If seeing
    If seeing is believing
    I'll believe it
    Believe it when I see it
    I'll believe it when I see it
    With my own two eyes
                        Ron Sexsmith

    j u  l  y     8

    6: 58 am

    a stiffer neck greets little poots; she stares at one spot
    traffic woes and summer sun
    arch your back, ready or not
    here we come.

    the morning papers say the same thing
    news is about civilization chaos

    a new project means a change of direction, back on the train
    you'll have your name on some funner things
    and they'll remember you now.

    and the little one grows no so little.
    taking her silly place in the world.
    the crowd laughs, and being serious in public is becoming grave,
    too grave for my mini me.
    there's got to be a surival technique that works
    and i still use it.
    laughter really is, the best medicine for this crumbling world of ours.

    and a new duvet would be nice.

    j u  l  y     6

    6: 53 am youg love

    they sat in the mezzanine; everyone could see
     them, but they saw no one - except each other

    everyone knows the feeling they share
     oblivious to the world around
      singular joy
    ...  young love

    and singling out young is my intention here
    for love; like everything else, ages
    not like a worn out leaf or a pair of jeans
    but the beginnings of love ages too
    falling in love ages
    and at our age, you're likely not kissing on the mezzanine;
    for the combination of youth; and love;
    makes only one thing that happens
    when you are young.

    and you can only really know that
    once you are getting old.
    but it's okay.
    i was once that young couple
    kissing on the mezzanine
    and i indeed, know what it's worth.

    Heavenly sunrise
    Welcoming our day
    It's a heavenly love
    That you and I survey

    The morning wears her
    Golden autumn dress
    It's a heavenly love
    That you and I possess

    Though our pockets are empty
    We won't let it get us down
    There is so much to be thankful for

    Pessimism's so tempting
    It's spreading all over town
    Where there is love, there's an open door

    All the birds are leaving
    I hear it in their song
    It's a heavenly love
    That you and I look upon

    Heavenly sunset
    Worshiping the earth
    It's a heavenly love
    And we know what it's worth

    It's a heavenly love
    And we know what it's worth

    Ron Sexsmith

    j u  l  y     5

    7: 038am dandelions 

    thinking out loud is all i'm doing
    trying to raise my head above all these ruins
    with each song, i kick it around
    thinking, my love i can tell
    -ron sexsmith


    j u  l  y     4

    7: 09 am connections 

    i'm here to keep track.
    someone needs to do it.

    everything just seems to flow together; into a big continuum that is hard to keep track of.
    there's her and him; and her and her; and then there's them, and us, and her again.
    oh yeah, there's those up the street, and them back at home, and him over there and then there's everyone else.

    yes, these days, one needs to keep track.
    it's the Montreal summer.
    it's the visitor summer.
    it's the neighbours summer.
    it's the new camp summer.
    best of all,
    it's finally hot.

    copyright   the mEp

    1996 - 2011